Simple Step To Apply Home Credit

At this time, home credit becomes popular. Many people can easily get the credit to buy the things that they need without credit card. Home credit aims to offer innovative trade financial services to help the customers realize their ambitions and dreams. Home credit also offers stable and long-term employment for the employees. This way can improve the economic development by supporting domestic consumption and improving living standard. Based on home credit reports, many people are happy with the easy way to get the credit. You should have identity card and employed at least 3 months (businessman/woman, self-employed, or get regular remittance). These are the steps that you need to do.

Home Credit Tips

First, you should prepare the document regarding your identity. You must prepare your primary identity card and at least one additional document, such as tax ID, Social Security, or driver’s license. You can also support your document with Bank/account statement, Company ID, Certificate of employment, Salary Slip, Remittance slip, water bill, electricity bill, mobile bill, or phone bill. Additional document will prove the originality of your identity card. It will help for verification. If you do not have identity document, you cannot take the home credit. Identity document is very important thing as the main requirement.

Second, answer the questions from the agent kindly. The agent will give you several questions. You should be calm and answer the questions well. You may be asked by the agent to whom the goods to be in the credit. You just need to answer for yourself. When you are asked about income, please answer your basic salary and additional money for one full month. It can be important home credit reports. The greater income will give greater chances of your filing credit to be approved. It is because greater income can grant the repayment that should be paid in certain period.

Third, you need to prepare your personal cell phone numbers that are still active and can be reached.The first function of the phone number is to get the verification code of credit application approval. You should also prepare three other phone numbers that consist of the mobile numbers of your sibling, your friend’s mobile number and the last the phone number of your boss or co-worker. The function of the phone numbers of your friends, co-workers and siblings is to verify that your presence is known or not. It can be important for home credit reports. Your colleagues may be asked the address of your residence or place of work. So before submitting their phone number, you need to tell the colleagues whose phone number would be put in the form of your credit application.

Fourth, if the credit application form has been completely filled by officers Home Credit, you are asked to wait around 45 minutes to 1 hour. If you are valid and can be verified quickly then in less than 15 minutes, your credit application will be approved.

Fifth, after your credit application is accepted, you can choose the amount of your monthly repayment. Then, you should sign the agreement and do not forget to make the down payment. You can make new purchase on same day. You should remember to make monthly payments using the easy repayment options before the due date.

Applying a loan with home credit is extremely easy. Home Credit minimize your waiting time. It requires easy documentation so you can apply a loan instantly. Home credit does not require you have taken a loan in the past. You should not have a credit card too. The requirements are not complicated. The loan application process is also designed easily to understand, particularly if you are the first time loan-taker. It has transparent and clear terms with friendly multi-lingual customer care that will make you understand the world of finance easily. You can ask everything that you need to know. The agent will explain the answer with simple words so you can understand well. The customer care will also help you build your credit score that can make finance easily accessible in the future. Credit score is important if you want to take a loan in the future. If you have good credit score, your application can be easily approved. On the other hand, your application cannot be approved if you have bad credit score. Make good home credit reports.

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